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Kitting out Kiwi Kids

Kitting out kiwi kids is a local Hastings and Havelock North community based project. Dedicated to helping
our kiwi kids who need a little extra help to make their day more comfortable, by taking your 'hand me downs' such as clothing, shoes, sportswear and school items and passing them onto kids at school. We help kids recycle and pass onto others, instead of clothing going into landfill, expense charity shops, becoming rags for sale or being shipped off overseas.

Our goal is to run a clothing drive 4 times a year to coincide with the changing seasons, but we're happy to take your donations at any time - just see our list of drop off points to deliver any unwanted items you think children might appreciate. 

When we donate the items it's done discretely and to make each child feel special, so we'd appreciate the items clean if possible. At present we're helping children who live in cold homes and require warm items including blankets. Many of these kids have just come out of hospital because of respiratory issues living in cold homes and sometimes separated from family due to financial strains. Poverty is real and it's in our own back yard so we need to be neighbourly and come together as a community. We sincerely thank you for your donations and support on behalf of the kids we've already helped. The smiles on their faces makes it all worthwhile!!

If you need a helping hand dont hesistate to contact us. Kitting out kiwi kids are here to help you as everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. So dont hesistate to get in touch with the team and we can help you[

​Do you know someone that is in need of a helping hand? Feel free to contact us! Here at kitting out kiwi kids we are here to provide that helping hand someone may need. We all need a helping hand from time to time so get in touch 

Check out these kids

TeMata Primary School Room 14 

The kids are Te Mata primary school in room 14 have generously donated unwanted clothes they don't need. These clothes went straight to our clothing drive and helped the lives of 40 local children that were in need of some fresh clothes. ​These kids thoroughly enjoyed learning about recycling rather than putting clothing into land fill. A great end of term project! If you want your kids to take part, you can nominate your school and we will come and visit you. 

Want us to visit your School? To learn the benefits of recycling clothing.